How does it work ?

Do you need a seed fund for your project or an investment to develop your existing business? We can help you raise money from potential investors (Minimum of € 5.000 to Maximum of € 20.000) without collateral.

  1. Register by clicking the link below and pay a service fee of € 118 VAT inclusive.
  2. Send us your Business Plan (If you don’t have we can help you prepare one against a non-refundable fee of € 118 VAT inclusive)
  3. Receive Financing Brokerage contract from us.
  4. Sign the contract and return a copy to us. 
  5. You will give us 3 months to look for the fund. (The 3-month will start counting from the date the Business Plan is validated by our team)
  6. If we get the fund our team will visit you in your country for signing of documents before we transfer it to you. We will take 5% equity of your company as guaranty until the fund is reimbursed back and a non-refundable commission of 10% of the amount raised for you, will be deducted by us before the transfer. 
  7. But in case we could not get the fund, that will mark the end of the process and the € 118 service fee will be returned back to you. However, your request will remain in our database. In case we finally get the fund you will be contacted. 
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NOTE: This offer is opened twice every year. For this year 2020, is now opened and will be closed on the 30th September 2020 by midnight. 

For companies already in activity, growth companies that have a proven track record and are ready for the next phase of their development, focusing on technical or strategic innovation, we can use our network in Europe to secure funding for you (Minimum of € 5.000.000 to Maximum of € 30.000.000). This will be a separate procedure and the duration will depend on our European partners and their terms and conditions will apply including paying upfront for their professional fees that can be up to € 50.000 or more depending on your funding need as well as paying for commissions when the fund is released. But you will only pay the professional fee after your request has been accepted. You must also have a complete and powerful Business Plan. 

  1. Sign up!
  2. We organize a meeting in between you and our partners.
  3. We follow up the process with you closely. If your request is rejected your fee will be returned back to you.

Sign up fee is € 500