How does it work?

Do you need a seed fund for your project or an investment to develop your existing business? We can help you raise money from potential investors up to the maximum of € 20.000.00. without collateral.
1. Register by  filling the below form
2. Commit us with 10% of the amount you want us to raise for you.
3. Send us your Business plan (If you don’t have we can help you prepare one against a non refundable fee of € 100.00)
4. You will give us 3 months period to look for the fund.
5. If we get the fund our team will visit you in your country for signing of documents before we transfer the fund to you. (We may have to take 5% equity of your company as guaranty until the fund is reimbursed back).
6. If we could not get the fund 50% of the amount committed to us will be returned back to you.
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