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is an entrepreneurial project for profit-making but, with a social mission and a sustainable impact on the African continent.
Africa is a continent with many problems and when we talk about problems, we are talking about opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Are you a student, a first-time entrepreneur or about to start a new business, ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey ? Join our incubation program and benefit from a support out of the ordinary to determine or define the best approach to your entrepreneurial career. This may eventually lead to a seed funding depending on your situation.


Do you already have a running business and looking for ways to transform your concept in order to create consistent financial results ? Join a 4-month acceleration session (Master Class) which may eventually lead to an investment into your business depending on your situation.

Equity Participation

We can also help you with a seed fund for your project or an investment for the development of your existing business in return for an equity.

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You have the opportunity to test our programs by registering and have access to all our online courses on entrepreneurship (videos) without coaching or mentoring for only € 59.00 VAT included for a period of one year.